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On August 12, 1991, three of the greatest cricketers the world has ever witnessed, announced their retirement from cricket- Jeff Dujon, Malcom Marshall and Sir Vivian Richards. The names struck fear in the hearts of the opposition and whenever these three played, there used to be absolute carnage. The trio’s stats is inspirational, influencing and daring.

Fans have seen greats come and go, inspire all with their skills, talents and performances, but West Indies players had a certain amount of class to their game. Players who dominated the 80’s, Dujon, Marshall and Richards announced their Test retirement together after playing their last match for West Indies.

Till date, the Caribbean have not yet recovered from their retirement as their exit meant the end of West Indies’ dominance in cricket. The trio were trail blazing in terms of performances in the 80s and while Dujon and Richards were flaring and making their statements with the bat, Marshall was ripping wickets apart with his fiery pace.

The trio played their last Test against England at the Kennington Oval at London. The last match of the five-match series saw England winning the final Test, which resulted in the series being drawn 2-2. The trio bid farewell to Test cricket, leaving records to be broken by the next generation.

Peter Jeffery Leroy Dujon, known as Jeff Dujon to all, was one of the great wicketkeepers for West Indies as it wasn’t easy catching deliveries or taking catches at the speed the Windies bowlers used to bowl. Other than the gloves, Dujon was a handy lower-order batsman. Inspired by Rod Marsh, Dujon went on to emulate Marsh and Pakistan’s Wasim Bari in terms of dismissals. Shorter than most of the West Indies squad, Dujon made up by his insane athleticism with the gloves.

In a career which spanned for 10 years, in 81 matches played for West Indies, Dujon notched up 272 dismissals with the glove. In his illustrious career, Dujon has played 81 Test matches and 169 ODIs.

In Tests, Dujon has scored five centuries and 16 half-centuries, scoring 3,332 runs with a high score of 139.

Malcom Marshall, one of the greatest bowlers regarded in Test cricket. While his action was criticised for being too open, his actions had methods which could rip wickets apart. Be it outswing to inswing, Marshall gave any batsman he faced, a tough time. From scary bouncers to shattering legcutters on dusty wickets, Marshall was the jack of all trades.

In his illustrious career, Marshall also played 81 Test matches, scoring 1,810 runs and claiming 376 wickets which include 22 fifers and four ten-wicket hauls.

Sir Vivian Richards, a man of class, a fantastic batsman and batting style with absolute swagger. Aggressiveness along with devastating batting performances which would leave the opposition reeling. Richards was not a player who would back down, especially when the chips are down, he would let his bat do the talking.

Poor bowlers were duly punished and fielders’ only job was to collect the ball from the boundary rope. Richards never wore a helmet, a part of his swagger and a true entertainer to the fans.

In a career which spans from 1974 to 1991, Richards amassed 8,540 runs in 121 Tests played, which include 24 centuries, three double-centuries and 45 half-centuries with an average of 50.24.

The trio made their individualistic skills known, but as a team, the West Indies side were ‘almost’ invincible.

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