‘They stripped me, beat me and then dumped me in the middle of nowhere’: Stuart MacGill recalls kidnapping incident – SportsMediaz

Former Australia leg-spinner Stuart MacGill has made some shocking revelations about his alleged kidnapping, nearly 15 months after the incident.

Last year in April, the Australian Media reported that MacGill was confronted by a man on a street in Sydney’s north before two other men arrived and helped force him into a car. MacGill was then reportedly driven to a suburb in Sydney’s southwest and allegedly assaulted before being driven again to another suburb and released.

However, the case took a different turn when two brothers who were alleged to have acted as “hired muscle” during the Stuart MacGill kidnapping have claimed that the former Test cricketer came with them willingly and was involved in the drug trade.

Police have previously said that Mr MacGill was “purely” a victim and not involved in any criminal activity.

The brothers were arrested over the alleged plot alongside Marino Sotiropoulos, who is the brother of Mr MacGill’s partner Maria O’Meagher, as well as three other men.

MacGill, who took 208 wickets in 44 test matches for Australia between 1988 and 2008, had maintained that he is innocent. In a chat with EN WA Breakfast, the former Australian player revealed some shocking incidents about his kidnapping.

It was not something you’d even like to happen to your worst enemy,” MacGill recalled.

“Later in the day, it was getting quite dark, I was bundled into a car. I didn’t want to get into the car, I said to them twice, ‘I’m not getting in the car,’ but then it became obvious they were armed, and they said, ‘We know you’re not involved, we just want to have a chat,’ then they put me in the car and I was in the car for an hour and a half,” said MacGill.

“I didn’t know where we were, I didn’t know where we were going and I was scared. From that point, they stripped me naked, beat me up, threatened me and then just dumped me. That was over the course of maybe three hours out in the middle of nowhere in a little shed,” he added.

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