New AIFF president Kalyan Chaubey: No grand promises, but we’ll take Indian football ahead – SportsMediaz

In a sombre briefing to the press, Kalyan Chaubey refrained from making grand promises about Indian football but said his administration will not hesitate from taking help from anyone for the betterment of the game.

“Football ought to be run democratically in a democratic nation, and with the help of the government and the order of the Supreme Court, elections were held today, and victory gained. We assure you that we will try to take Indian football forward with the help of all territories,” he said.

Chaubey said he wasn’t going to make “unrealistic goals” as they may not be realised, and that the “roadmap” for Indian football will be discussed only in 100 days’ time, after consultations with various stakeholders.

“We will never say that we have made an academy and that we will play the World Cup in eight years. In my life, I have attended the opening ceremonies of at least 100 academies. All those academies said that the kids there would play the World Cup in eight years’ time. But this hasn’t happened in reality. So I’m making no such commitments to you. But yes, we will state that we will take Indian football ahead,” Chaubey said.