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Stuart Broad had a lot to celebrate early on Day 2 of fifth India vs England Test when he scalped Mohammad Shami. With the wicket of the Indian paceman, the veteran English bowler completed 550 Test wickets to reaffirm his statute as one of the greatest bowlers in Test cricket. But little did the 36-year-old know that he would end up with a record of another sort soon after.

With James Anderson cleaning up centurion Ravindra Jadeja for 104 with the second new ball, India were down to their last pair of No.10 Mohammad Siraj and No.11 and India’s captain Jasprit Bumrah. It was time for England to wrap up quick and Broad opted to test Bumrah with some short stuff – something England pacers had employed against Shami as well early on Day 2. Broad charged and bowled one short to Bumrah who managed to just about get his bat up and hook the delivery. Zak Crawley misjudged and let one through. What followed next was an absolute meltdown from Broad.

India vs England, 5th Test Live Score

By the end of the over – 84th of Indian innings – India had breached the 400-run mark and Bumrah, who was on 0 off seven deliveries at the start of the over, had raced to 29 off just 14. Broad, the not-so-proud owner of the most expensive over in T20Is, had become the owner of the most expensive over in Tests, leaking 35 runs.

Here’s how the over panned out

  • 83.1 – FOUR! Just away from the outstretched hands of Zak Crawley. Perhaps clipped his fingers a bit. Short and around middle, Bumrah top-edges his pull shot down to fine leg. Crawley moves across to his left, puts a sliding effort to catch it but in vain.
  • 83.2 – FIVE WIDES! India will take these extras gleefully. Stuart Broad digs it in short and it goes over the batter and the leaping keeper for a boundary.
  • 83.2 – SIX! And it’s no ball also for overstepping. Precious runs for India. Short again, around middle, Jasprit Bumrah attempts to wheel another pull shot but it takes the top edge and flies all the way over fine leg.
  • 83.2 – FOUR! India are nearing 400 now. The idea from Stuart Broad was right but not the execution. Aims for a yorker but it turns out to be a full toss on off, Bumrah smacks it down to long on for a boundary.
  • 83.3 – FOUR! 400 COMES UP FOR INDIA! Bumrah is turning out to be the master of edges. This one is on a length and around off, Jasprit Bumrah attempts for a big heave over the leg side but it takes the inner edge, beats the stumps and speeds away to the fine leg fence.
  • 83.4 – FOUR! Bumrah has sent another one to the fence. Back of a length, around leg, Jasprit Bumrah smashes it across the line, falls in the process but still finds the fence at square leg.
  • 83.5 – SIX! 34 off the over already with one more ball to go. Broad is being reminded of Yuvraj Singh here. Short again, around leg, Jasprit Bumrah turns inside the crease and smokes it over fine leg for a maximum.
  • 83.6 – AND BUMRAH WILL KEEP STRIKE! The crowd roars. Smart batting from the skipper. Broad bowls a yorker for once, around off, Bumrah digs it out on the pitch and rushes across to the other end. Siraj responds and puts in a dive as Broad scores a direct hit at the striker’s end. It’s referred upstairs for a run out but the replays find Siraj safe. 35 from the over – the most expensive over in the history of Test cricket. Whoa! Is that a run-out? Mohammed Siraj scampers through towards the batting end for a quick single as Stuart Broad gets in the direct hit. The third umpire is called in and the replay shows that Siraj is saved by the desperate dive. NOT OUT!

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