Iga Swiatek Asked about Makeup after She Wins French Open, Question Draws Flak Online – SportsMediaz

A columnist drew fire online after he asked World No 1 lady tennis player, Iga Swiatek, in the event that she put on cosmetics when she went out to parties. The inquiry came up in a gathering just after she had come out on top for her subsequent French Open championship. The inquiry was essential for a two-section question. While the first is a specialized one where she was gotten some information about her absolute best, the subsequent one was about in the event that she jumped at the chance to spruce up and put on cosmetics prior to showing up at parties. The columnist even added that before, there were players who were putting on cosmetics for a really long time under the watchful eye of going to court, however Iga looked ‘normal’. The inquiry was viewed as risky in light of the fact that men players are seldom gotten some information about their own preparing rehearses.

“Here is a thing that World Number One and newly delegated French Open Champion Iga Swiatek was asked in her public interview today. Introducing without remark since there are no words.”

“As a woman, whether or not you are the most elevated place of your game, you can’t do whatever it takes not to be gotten some data about beauty care products.”

“Truly? Are there truly adults in this world actually living in the Pleistocene time?”

“No doubt, I’m sure Nadal most likely been represented a comparative request after he won… .”

“I’ll by and by Venmo a tennis columnist fourteen American dollars on the off chance that they pose Nadal this inquiry.”

“Totally inadmissible.”

“Such countless female games competitors need to endure this bullhead crap. Iga Swiatek merits better. Could you at any point envision Nadal, Federer or Djokovic being tested about their number one shaving cream?”

Brought into the world in Warsaw, Swiatek came to tennis since she needed to beat her elder sibling. A cutthroat soul no question acquired from her dad, Tomasz Swiatek, a previous rower who partook in the 1988 Seoul Olympics. This early aggressive outlook permitted her to win the primary expert competition she played, in 2016 in Stockholm, on the auxiliary ITF ciruit.

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