“I have been cropped out of Ravi Shastri’s life,” Nasser Hussain jokes about being cut from photo shared on Shastri’s Twitter – SportsMediaz

The India vs England 5th Test has been ripe with a plethora of memorable moments, be it Rishabh Pant’s century in India’s first innings or Bairstow’s berserker form after a spat with Virat Kohli during the 3rd day.

A hilarious moment. however, found its way from the field to the commentary box when former England captain Nasser Hussain jokingly called out Ravi Shastri because he was cropped out from a group photo of the commentary panel, which was shared from Shastri’s Twitter handle.

“I have been cropped out of Ravi Shastri’s life,” he said, adding that the former Indian head coach had tagged everyone else except from him. Hearing this, Kevin Pietersen who was also in the commentary box burst out laughing.

It was later revealed that there was a reason for Pietersen’s reaction because he was the one behind the prank. The camera then cut to the former England batter, who was seen celebrating the success of his joke.

Hussain even referred to a past incident between the two on air. “Ravi, you even put your arms on my shoulder and said we have put the past behind us!”

The past episode he is referring to was an on-air spat between the two when Shastri questioned Hussain’s criticism over India’s unwillingness to have DRS in 2011.

When his commentary stint came , Hussain hit back at Shastri.

“Ravi Shastri, I just want to pick you up on something you said on a show yesterday, questioning my right to call non-use of DRS a disgrace. Well, I have earned that right after 96 Test matches to voice my opinion on the game of cricket. It is my job and my right to voice my opinion. And I have been paid by Star to do so,” Hussain had said then.

In an interview to The Indian Express, Shastri was asked about the episode (click here to read the full interview).

Shastri said: “I am okay with Nasser saying he was paid to give opinions. No problems with it; absolutely not. I have tremendous regard for him. It’s not as if we stopped talking or something. That just happened that time (on air).”

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