Couple of months with family helped reinvigorate me after dark time during winter: Jason Roy – SportsMediaz

England batter Jason Roy said that a couple of months with his family helped reinvigorate him after he went through a ‘dark time’ in the winter.

Roy scored a scintillating 73 runs from 60 balls in the recent ODI against Netherlands on Sunday which also marked his 100th one-day international.

Three months ago, Roy was given a suspended two-match ban and fined by the Cricket Discipline Commission, the reasons for which were not disclosed by the England and Wales Cricket Board.

He did not delve deeper into what led to his suspension but said that while playing the Pakistan Super League, he was away from his newborn son which had an affect on his batting.

“Things mentally weren’t right with me at the PSL,” he told Sky Sports. “I was in a weird place because I was playing good cricket but I wasn’t enjoying myself, I wasn’t happy and it was just a dark time.

“It was just a good two months to come home and live a normal life for a bit after a tough couple of years.

“(There were) a lot of months away. Over 50 days of hotel quarantine the year before and then having a child in January and having to spend time away from him was just a bit too much,” he added.

Roy had also withdrawn himself from the lucrative Indian Premier League in order to be with his family.

“I missed the IPL to spend some time at home and it has refreshed my mind and body, and I recognised where I was at with a lot of things,” he said.

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