BBL introduces new draft for overseas players for the 2022-23 season – SportsMediaz

The Big Bash League (BBL) has confirmed to introduce a new overseas player draft system to attract the big T20 names from around the globe. This will allow the clubs to pick from a pool of international players for the upcoming and 12th season of the league.

All overseas men’s players who want to feature in the tournament will nominate for the draft and be allocated into certain salary bands. They will then be allocated across different bands, gold, silver or bronze. Players may choose to be available only for gold, or for gold and silver, or for all three tiers.

Cricket Australia has not publicly confirmed the salary for these bands, but it understood that bronze level (the lowest salary band) will earn a six-figure sum with the platinum tier earning more than three times that.

“We’ve been working on it for a little while in ways that we can work with our clubs to get the best overseas players in and we know part of that is making sure we can be as competitive as required from a salary perspective,” said Alistair Dobson, Cricket Australia’s General Manager of BBL.

The move has been seen as BBL’s attempt to financially compete with other T20 leagues from around the world. A date hasn’t yet been announced for the draft.

How will the draft work?

The draft will consist of four rounds with each team able to make a minimum of two and a maximum of three. At the end of the second round, the club that picked last in round two will get the first pick of round three.

Given that every team is allowed to field a maximum of three overseas players in their XI, they’ve been permitted to only make three selections in their draft. Any team can field a starting lineup without an overseas player but with BBL looking to attract more overseas players, every club has been asked to pick a minimum of two international players from the draft.

As far as retentions go, each club can make a one. The eligibility criteria for the same is the player must have played in the XI or as an X-factor for at least one game last BBL season.

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